Webinar Professional Services Automation
Integration for a Big Picture
September 20, 2017

Manage the complete lifecycle of sell-deliver process in real-time.

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Today the processes and management of service companies, are too complex and demanding. Managers dedicate a lot of time to get control and visibility on the lifecycle of sell-delivery processes in order to deliver a high-quality service and improve and predict the overall results.

Review this webinar to learn how to make better decisions and investments with full visibility on costs, benefits, and margins. You will also be able to see results and experiences on how companies simplify their processes and business.

During this webinar, we will explore how to:

  • Establish business plans, including strategy, benefits, and costs for the organization and regions.
  • How to effectively control your sales cycle.
  • Manage an effective delivery (projects or services), controlling time and activities, costs, benefits, resources and many other KPI’s.
  • Optimize your resource usage, by understanding needs, allocations and actual usage of resources.
  • Manage your company innovation ideas and projects.
  • Control the full invoicing process, rolling up the benefits to the right entities for analysis and control.
  • Visibility on important KPIs that will provide you full transparency on the entire sell-deliver process.

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