Integration for a Big Picture
Webinar Professional Services Automation
August 30, 2017
The Tradition & The Innovation
September 21, 2017
Case Study

The InovaPrime a global IT company, leading player in Consulting, Managed Services, Solution Development and Outsourcing across the Europe. Implement Governace.Business has allowed the business to gain an integrated visibility across all company areas, that lead to take the right decision based on accurate information.


The InovaPrime had the need to replace the management applications, because on the one hand did not cover all management needs, and on the other some was at the end-of-life and were unsupported. Implement a single tool that answers not only the needs of operational management of teams and customers, but also the areas of Strategic planning, Financial control, Projects pipeline, Knowledge management and CRM.


The InovaPrime CEO, after evaluate several market solutions, decided by the acquisition and deploy the Governance.Business solution, because it featured an integrated solution with answer to all management areas. To a better control of risk and aloud a controlled change managing in the organization, the tool was deploy and configurated in a phased manner by each of the company areas.

Deplyment Highlights

The resulting Governance.Business implementation established a single user interface across all company that improve the control and management of each company area.

Better Decision-making
This solution improve data collection, analysis and forecasting with minimal incremental workload and effort, and increases the forecasting’s quality that leads to better decision-making.

The flexibility of the Governance.Business aloud several key customized features to support and enhance the control and the quality of the working and delivery projects and clients’ management.

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