Base Portal

Base Portal Module provides a big picture for business and strategy,
agree main on functions and resources.

Focused on Management.
All organization aligned.

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Base Portal Module combined and automate the information for all departments and teams.

Make the communication between the financial department, human resources team, project manager, team and client managers easy and immediately.

Key Capabilities

  • Design and Implement your Corporate Service Catalog (IT Catalog, Business Catalog, …)

    and link it to the right fulfillment service
  • Consolidated views on Financials and the way they are mapped to the several business units and initiatives.

  • Consolidated resource management, based on resource pools, policies and digitalized processes. Track how your resources are being used throughout the organization operations.

  • Track seamlessly every hour spent by your resources in each of the activities that they have performed.

  • Build a comprehensive Knowledge management portal, aggregating information from projects, operations, and applications.


Financial management


Resources Management


Service Catalogue


Time Management


Reports & Dashboards


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