Project Portfolio Management

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Project Portfolio Management solution features an Agile module, providing you the tools to manage and execute a project using an Agile methodology.

Project Portfolio Management solution provides the organization with visibility into strategic and operational demand, as well as the ongoing projects across the organization. Combined with the base financial management capabilities, it provides real‑time visibility into the project lifecycle at the portfolio, program, and project level.
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Key Capabilities

  • Flexible hierarchy structure to manage investment by Services, Business Unit Organization, geography or functional Strategic needs.

  • Gain early indication of cost deviations through financial summary pages.

  • Manage and prioritize demand from budget and resource availability.

  • Multi-dimensional resource planning and tracking.

  • Non-intrusive time and cost management.

  • Flexible and Powerful Workflow with audit trails.

  • Bidirectional integration with Microsoft Project.

  • Scenario based portfolio management.

  • Consolidated solution to manage Agile projects, including backlogs, sprints, and releases.


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