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Governance.Business is designed to help a company govern and manage its priorities, processes and people related to the planning, development and deployment of solutions.




Get more visibility and control throughout your company, optimizing your management and operations using Governance.Business


Governance.Business is a consolidated platform that aims to offer end-to-end governance capabilities to plan and execute an organization’s strategy.

Make better decisions and investments.
Full visibility on costs, benefits and margins

Professional Services Automation includes Sales Management, Project Portfolio Management, Resource Management, Financial Management, Time Management, Service Catalog, Service Management and Reporting & Dashboards.
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Align IT service and strategic investment.
Run IT like a business.

IT Governance solution offers end-to-end IT governance capabilities so IT can be managed as a business. The solution enables a structured approach to managing IT portfolios, including formulating strategy and business priorities, monitoring implementation of project portfolio investments, and managing operational and financial aspects of IT.
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Improve visibility over your projects.
Teamwork is the drive for success.

Portfolio Management is based on pre-built best-practices including project management methodologies, project controls, financial management, resource management, scoring models for analyzing project opportunities and alignment with business goals and priorities.
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Our Clients

What can Governance.Business do for your teams?

Financial Team

Focus on results
Get notified on expenses, costs and invoices. With Governance.Business the information between departments will flow more quickly and efficiently. Historical information on project costs and status is always available.

Project Manager

Project Management Innovation

Bundled with new methodologies, Governance.Business allows your organization to adopt industry best practices with ease. The end-to-end vision provided allows the project teams to be more collaborative and focused while the project manager can have more control over project constraints to meet project objectives.

Human Resources

Reduce Manual Effort

Governance.Business provides you with automatic reports and dashboards that allow you to track team performance, expenses and effort.

Control & Accelerate Results

Governance.Business integrates application data between financial, human resources, sales and projects. Governance.Business brings you an innovative solution that breaks down organizational silos and improves communication between departments.

Governance.Business grants you more control over your business and allows you to analyse data in a more efficient and productive manner. By means of data standardization, analysis and reporting can be made easy and less error-prone.

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