PMI Netherlands Summit 2018
Accelerate your business value focusing on the right things
July 4, 2018
PM FAIR 2018
September 7, 2018

InovaPrime will be present at the PMI Netherlands Summit 2018!

It is all about the Human Factor in Project Management!

This year PMI Netherlands Summit 2018 is all about the Human Factor in Project Management and we will be there!

InovaPrime will be part of this successful conference to discuss the latest international aspects and way of thinking regarding Project, Program and Portfolio Management. A platform by and for the community.

People are the key topic in 2018! During the conference, you can learn about disruption, the digital transformation, lean start-ups, IoT, Agile leadership, SCRUM, Scaled Agile Framework and other innovative and important challenges for your organization.

Register and visit our stand, where we will show our solution Governance.Business Project Portfolio Management solution, which allows your project organization to adopt industry best practices with ease. This end-to-end solution allows – among others - project teams to be more collaborative and focused while the project manager can have more control over project constraints to meet objectives. We invite you to try our solution yourself. Visit our website, test our freely accessible demos. You can come back to us with questions during the event or by dropping us a note!

Official website: PMI Netherlands

Venue: Spant!, Bussum, the Netherlands

Date: Tuesday, September 20th 2018

Official Program: Download PDF