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To simplify running your organization day-to-day, Governance.Business provides multiple tools that enable you to focus on analysing, planning, executing and controlling your business strategy.

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  • Provides top-down planning, from strategy definition to execution, with visibility into financial resources and information, resulting in better business results.
  • Provides corporate reporting and support for ad-hoc queries to improve strategic decision making.
  • Provides detailed financial management to quickly adjust budgets and resources as business objectives change.
  • Increase visibility and controls to maintain compliance and reduce costs.
  • Provides a Business Process Management engine to support any business process within the organization.
  • It is available using standard systems or with new mobile-based features.

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Governance.Business Start&Go, a complete solution with processes for strategic management, sales management, portfolio management, project management, service management, resources and finance. Additionally, the solution offers multiple functionalities for collaboration, management and decision making.

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