on Management.

All the organization aligned.


The Portal Module combines and automates the information for all departments and teams.

Make the communication between the financial department, human resources team, project manager, team and client managers easy and real-time.

The Portal Module provides a big picture on your business so you can check at any time the alignment between strategy and execution.

Financial Management

Gain the flexibility needed to rapidly adjust forecasts as business objectives change.

Resources Management

Complete resource analysis, which includes both strategic and operational activities at any stage in the work lifecycle.

Service Catalogue

Role-based workflow helps ensure that the right persons will fulfill the service.

Time Management

Improve resources allocation and load balancing along with overall productivity and execution.

Reports & Dashboards

Quickly create reports to assist you on planning and execution decision. Export your data to multiple formats.

Key Capabilities

Modern Corporate Service Catalogue

Design and Implement your Corporate Service Catalogue and define its fulfilment service.

Innovative Resource Management

Consolidated resource management, based on resource pools, policies and digitalized processes.
Track how your resources are being allocated throughout the organization.

Improve the business results

Consolidated views on Financials and the way they are mapped to the several business units and initiatives.

Higher productivity

Seamlessly track the effort spent by resources in their activities.

Customize your portal

Build a comprehensive Knowledge management portal, aggregating information from projects, operations and applications.


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