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Portfolio Management software enables an organization to implement a structured approach to managing project portfolios.

Pre-built best-practices including project management methodologies, project controls, financial management, resource management, scoring models for analyzing project opportunities and alignment with business goals and priorities.

Business Challenge

  • Lack of strategic alignment. Without a well-defined project intake process, there is no way for the business to effectively prioritize new investments with business priorities.
  • Project overload. If there are few resources available to meet project demand, an organization will most likely be overloaded and left with no options to make smart tradeoffs.
  • Lack of visibility. Disparate project plans, issue lists, risk logs, status updates and project documents make it time consuming and difficult to get visibility over a project portfolio.
  • Resource bottlenecks. An immature resource management process can lead to resource contention, underutilized resources and late project delivery.

How does Governance.Business PFM work?

The Portfolio Management solution centralizes project portfolio data for analysis and reporting and automates the capture of project data to minimize errors. Includes processes on PPM, APM with focus on Application Portfolio and Project Portfolio and their execution.

Governance.Business PFM supports the end-to-end business processes for:

  • Ideas and Initiatives
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program and Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Resource Management
  • Task and Time Management
  • Reporting

Functions & Features


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