Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Management module gives you the ability to plan and optimize your portfolio according to your strategy and focus on the right things.

Portfolio Management module provides the organization with visibility over strategic and operational demand, as well as the ongoing projects across the organization. Combined with the base financial management capabilities, it provides real-time visibility over the project lifecycle at portfolio, program and project level.

Key Capabilities

Portfolio Management module providing you with the tools to do the right things, generating high value to your organization.

Portfolio Management

Improve Portfolio alignment with business strategy and goals

Powerful analysis and visualization experience.
Enhanced ability to make strategic choices and manage the portfolio.
Analyze, track and control portfolio performance to identify issues and manage against KPIs.
Portfolio Management

Reduce risk and cost, focus on the right things

Gain early indication of cost deviations through financial summary pages.
Manage and prioritize demand from budget and resource availability.
Visibility where to invest and how to reduce maintenance costs.
Portfolio Management

Improve communication with stakeholders

Flexible hierarchy structure to manage investment by Services, Business Unit Organization, geography or functional Strategic needs.
Compare different scenarios of Portfolio / Products / Application Roadmaps, highlighting the differences between them.
Portfolio Management

Intuitive workflows and roadmaps

Multi-dimensional resource planning and tracking.
Flexible and Powerful Workflow with audit trails.
Develop Portfolio roadmaps including a set of products or applications.
Develop Specific Product or Application Roadmaps with several versions.


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