The Tradition & The Innovation
Integration for a Big Picture
September 20, 2017
Efficiency & Science
September 21, 2017
Case Study

Despite being the Portuguese’s’ leading player in the pulp and paper industry and having a reputation for innovation, The Navigator Company needed to gain control of its group-wide projects. Implementing Governance.Business has allowed the business to gain visibility and transparency, helping to improve the allocation of resources and ensuring new services get to market faster.


The main pursuit goal is the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of its operations and strategy for the various divisions defined as shared services. In particular the Legal Department, Planning and Control Management Department, Purchasing Department, Accounting and Taxation Department, Audit and Risk Analysis Department, Financial Department, Human Resources and Organizational Department, Project Department, Information Systems Department. The second pursuit goal is the implementation of one solution that requires a minimal configuration and training for users.


Deployment and configuration of the Governance.Business tool in three steps to better control of risk and alouwed a controlled change managing in the organization.

  • Step 1
    Support the introduction and establishment of a PPM solution (Governance.Business), according to the principles of governance and project management processes defined in the various Departments. Support the project management process (including the activities of financial and resources management within this scope). Integrated analysis of projects to obtain an initial program vision.
  • Step 2
    Sedimentation and enlargement of the PPM solution (Governance.Business), in the Departments, including the overall management of resources (with pool of employees and skills, according to the organization chart defined) and financial management, transversal perspective to projects in order to identify the allocation of cost per area (includes integration with financial systems).
  • Step 3
    Integrated visualization capabilities of the activities of the Organization in a way extended and requests information integration with the systems responsible for the management of services. Hierarchy of projects and programs, with the allocation of budgets, and scaling issues.

Deplyment Highlights

Implementation of a single methodology of project management for the entire organization.

Has increased the level of maturity of IT with regard to IT Governance.

Demand-side Management
Greater visibility of requests/initiatives, improved communication, and prioritization of projects.

Human Resources
Improvement of the management of Human resources, using them in more strategic initiatives for the company.

Financial control of all initiatives and projects to be implemented and planned.